Natural, Evaporative Air in Southern CA

If you’re looking for a cost-saving cooling method in Southern CA that doesn’t sacrifice efficiency, then a swamp cooler, or evaporative cooler, might be a great fit for your household.

A swamp cooler uses the same technique that our body does when trying to cool off. And it’s the same reason you feel chilly while getting out of the shower or swimming pool. When moisture evaporates, the temperature drops.

Swamp Cooler | Southern CA | Cool Air Solutions

Swamp coolers are a great cooling option for more reasons, including:

  • Works best in lower humidity, when you need it most

  • Does not create excess humidity

  • Contains a chemical treatment to prevent rot from constant moisture

  • Is an ozone-friendly alternative

As you can see, although the base technology involved may be simple, there are more advanced practices that make swamp coolers today work as well as possible.

If you would like to reap those benefits, here are five things to consider to make sure a swamp cooler is right for you:

  1. Location – California is the perfect area to take advantage of a swamp cooler. Other, more humid parts of the country are not quite as ideal.
  2. Open Doors and Windows – If you like to crack open your window on a hot day, a swamp cooler will actually work more effectively in contrast to an AC that uses refrigerant.
  3. Sizing – Like all AC units, a swamp cooler works best if properly sized to your home
  4. Portable vs. Window Mounted – A portable option will be best for you if you would like to cool room by room. A window mounted version will be best for dedicated cooling in one main area.
  5. Maintenance – Both portable and window mounted units require very little maintenance. However, the filter should be cleaned once every two weeks.

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