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It’s hard to implement energy-saving techniques with older systems. Turn the temperature down when you leave the house. Easy, right? Until you need to rush out the door one day, and midway through your outing you realize the air conditioning or heat is still going at full blast.

With a programmable thermostat, you could simply type in what you wanted to do for the whole day. And even the simplest ones available have a lot of extra functions to explore. Get what you need for comfort control in Riverside, CA with Cool Air Solutions.

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Making the Switch

About 42% of your home spending is going to heating a cooling. That is pretty significant! Here are a few tips for how to save the most with a new programmable thermostat:

  • In the Summer - When home, set your thermostat to 78°F. You might be able to completely turn off your AC while you’re away, if it is a milder day.
  • In the Winter - Set the temperature to 68°F when you’re home and lower it when you’re away or sleeping.

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Cool Air Solutions can provides quality products through Lennox and can professionally install any model for your home.

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