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Upgrade to a High Quality Oil Heating

Choosing an oil furnace is perfect for those interested in a fuel source that is the safest choice, easily serviceable and has a low upfront cost.

Whether you want a new type of heating system or are replacing your existing one, technology has come a long way since older oil furnaces. Cool Air Solutions provides two main models of oil gas furnaces in the Riverside, CA area, each with their own perks.

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Variable Speed - SLO185V Oil Furnace

What is variable speed? It means the airflow is more controlled, which translates into a better temperature/humidity balance. Some other features include:

  • 87% AFUE - An efficiency rating that means you get 87 cents of your dollar going directly to heat.
  • Performance-Enhancing Burner - This means greater efficiency and that drafts and poor chimney conditions won’t affect your furnace.
  • Insulation - Steady and silent warmth.

More Placement Choice - ELO183 Oil Furnace

This furnace can be easily flipped to fit in more spaces. It also boasts:

  • 83% AFUE - An efficiency rating that means you get 83 cents of your dollar going directly to heat.
  • Quiet Performance - Built for silence.
  • Very Easily Maintained - In the rare event of a breakdown, it’s easy to service.

Experts at Cool Air Solutions are thoroughly trained to install all HVAC systems, including oil furnaces.

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  • Offering free estimates and system evaluations
  • Standing by affordable pricing
  • Keeping up with the latest training

If you need a quality oil furnace and a professional installation, call us at 951-676-2665.

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