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A basic system check could save you from a huge problem in the future, and in fact, it probably will. All it takes is a little bit of routine service to keep you from experiencing disasters like an air conditioner breakdown in the middle of summer or your system dying prematurely.

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Get the Advantages of Our
Heating and Cooling VIP Maintenance Plan

  • Minor problems eliminated before they get worse
  • 15% discount on any repair
  • Know your system is safe
  • Know your system is fully functional
  • Experience fewer breakdowns
  • If something does break down, we’re an easy phone call away.
  • Save big on your energy bill
  • The energy you save will be good for the environment
  • The documentation of the maintenance done is beneficial if you choose to sell your home
  • Longer equipment life

Facts About HVAC Maintenance

  • Routine maintenance significantly lowers the need for repairs. In fact, over 80% of repairs we see could be prevented with a maintenance plan like ours.
  • Dust and dirt will accumulate on the small parts of your system over time, hurting its efficiency, and only professional maintenance can effectively remove it.
  • You spend a little to save A LOT. You get double the savings by preventing breakdowns and saving energy.

Your heating and cooling systems will degrade over time. This translates to higher energy bills. Regular maintenance can slow this ageing process significantly. You can experience better performance for longer.

30 Point Cooling
Maintenance Checklist

1. Check Thermostat Calibration
2. Blower Motor: Check Amperage and Voltage
3. Air Filter: Clean Existing (As Needed)
4. Bearing: Inspect for Wear and Lubricate
5. Coil: Inspect for Wear and Blockage
6. Confirm Proper Return, Supply Air, and Size
7. Condensor Coil: Visual Inspection
8. Refrigerant : Monitor Operating Pressures
9. Electrical Disconnect Box: Proper Rating/Installtion
10. Electrical Wiring: Inspect and Tighten Connections
11. Starters: test/Inspect for burned, pitted contacts
12. Electrical: Inspect for Exposed wiring
13. Battery Cap: Inspect and test
14. Fan Blade: Visual Inspection
15. Condensor Coil Cleaning : Remove Debris
16. Measure Supply/Return Temperature Differential
17. Ductwork: Inspect for Energy Loss
18. Compressor: Amperage, Voltage Draw & Wiring
19. Suction Line: Inspect for Proper Fittings
20. Fittings: Inspect for signs of oil and/ or leakage
21. Check Home for Proper Airflow
22. Test Condensate Drain Line
23. Check Evaporator Coil Protection
24. Check and Test High Voltage Fuses
25. Check and Test Low Voltage Fuses
26. Surge Protection: Inspect and test proper operation
27. System Sanitizers: Inspect Bulb and operation
28. Service Valves: Inspect for proper operation
29. Check Unit for Isolation Pads
30. Monitor Air Scrubber Operation

30 Point Heating
Maintenance Checklist

  1. Check Thermostat Calibration
  2. Blower Motor: Check Amperage and Voltage
  3. Clean & Adjust Furnace Burner Assemblage
  4. Check Combustion Air for Carbon Monoxide
  5. Test Furnace Starting Capabilities
  6. Examine Heat Exchange for Damage / Corrosion
  7. Monitor the Flue Draft
  8. Test Furnace Safety Controls
  9. Inspect the gas Piping
  10. Clean and/or Replace Standard Air Filters
  11. Starters: test/Inspect for burned, pitted contacts
  12. Tighten electrical Connections
  13. Measure Voltage and Amperage
  14. Clean Condensation Drains
  15. Measure Temperature Diff. Supply/Return Air
  16. Vacuum Furnace Return Air Compartment
  17. Adjust Gas Pressure and Pilot
  18. Monitor Furnace’s Heating Cycle
  19. Clean Blower Compartment
  20. Examine Furnace Installation Quality
  21. Examine Equip Condition and Clearance Areas
  22. Check operation Combustion removal system
  23. Check Limit Switch Operation
  24. Pressure Switch/Tube Operation within Range
  25. Check Flame Sensor Operation
  26. Check Burner Ignition/ Flame within tolerance
  27. Inspect Blower Wheel for proper balance
  28. Test Blower Amperage
  29. Check Ducting Connections for Air Leaks
  30. Monitor Air Scrubber Operation
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