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Call Cool Air Solutions When Your Heat Runs Cold

Even though our heaters may not experience the same operating demands as, say, a heater in Minnesota, they are just as vulnerable to repair issues common in any heating or furnace system.

When your heating system malfunctions or shows signs of growing problems, like decreasing airflow, it’s time to call or contact Cool Air Solutions for your heating system repair.

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Signs Your Heating System Could Use A Visit From Cool Air

Ask yourself, have you had higher bills in the past several months than you’ve had in the past? Yes, costs rise, but a significant increase in fuel usage can also cause your bills to swell out of control. When you see this trend, you should call Cool Air Solutions or contact us for a virtual or in-person diagnostic test.

Other signs include:

If you have a furnace and the burner flame turns yellow, this is a sign you could have carbon monoxide in your home and you should call (888) 659-2665 for a repair immediately.

The need to constantly adjust the thermostat could also mean your system is in need of repair. Sometimes systems don’t reach the temperature levels you set at the thermostat level.

Just like your AC, strange noises coming from your heating system are never a good sign. Rattling could mean a problem with the blower assembly, fan or motor while an intense squeal could indicate motor bearing issues.

Call Cool Air Solutions For Your Heating Repair

If you see or hear these or other signs that your heating system isn’t functioning, call Cool Air Solutions today. To prevent repairs, take part in our Comfort Club or any of our Service Promotions. Finally, if it ends up that we need to replace your system, we also offer specials and Replacement Promotions for your convenience.

Call (888) 659-2665 or Contact Cool Air Solutions today! Our factory-trained professionals will maintain, service and/or repair/replace your system and ensure top quality and a job done right the first time.

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