Choose the Efficiency Of A Year-Round System

A few things go into finding the right heat pump. With both heating and cooling abilities, the right heat pump should be able to provide both pretty effortlessly. Keep comfortable year round by choosing one from Cool Air Solution that will keep you perfectly chilled in the summer and nice and cozy in the winter.

The Meaning of Efficiency Ratings

Heat pumps are rated for their efficiency in both heating and cooling.

  • SEER – The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is used to measure the efficiency of the air conditioning feature of the unit. Newer units can have ratings in the upper 20s.
  • HSPF – The Heating Season Performance factor measures the unit’s heating side. Ratings these days usually hover around 10.

Energy Star Qualified

Consider getting an energy star qualified unit for maximum assurance of high efficiency. Energy Star, a designation of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy, is the international standard for energy efficiency.

An Energy Star Product uses 20 – 30% less energy than the federal standard.

Expert Installation

A properly installed heat pump will enable:

  • Intended efficiency
  • Appropriate size for home
  • Optimal duct performance
  • Installation clearance (to avoid obstructions)
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Call a Professional Installer

Cool Air Solutions offers a variety of heat pumps and professional installations. We are proud to be a preferred choice of the Riverside, CA area because of our:

  • Family-friendly scheduling and timely arrivals

  • Consistent A+ rating with the BBB

  • Expertly trained, friendly technicians

  • Completely free estimates and system evaluations

  • Affordable services


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