Questions to ask before getting a HVAC estimate

Bigger is not better! Consumer reports and the department of energy found that 70% of HVAC system are not properly sized or properly installed in homes today. Doing a proper heat gain/heat loss manual J load calculation takes all the guess work out of what size system does my home need.

Yes, in most cases if the duct system is 20 years old or newer we can adapt to the existing ducting system providing it is sized properly. New systems rely on proper airflow more so than the old system did. What we look for in determining whether or not your home needs new ducting or doesn’t is if any ducts are broken loose or leaking air, torn, ripped, or deteriorated outside liner and proper sizing

Always ask to see the contractors license, bonding and insured. Always check to make sure all coverages are up to date and valid. Many struggling contractors will let their insurances expire and what that means to the homeowners is that if any worker gets hurt or dies on your property than you will be held responsible. If an accident attorney gets involved, then he will first go to the business owner. If he isn’t covered with the proper insurances than the next stop is the owner of the property where the accident happened.

Todays systems are more advanced than ever. Systems now days can be up to 80% more energy efficient and can offer quieter operation along with better humidity removal and equal balance throughout the home. Most systems today are also designed to work with smart home technology which can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world.

Absolutely! A standard HVAC replacement can save you 30% on energy costs. Medium efficiency HVAC systems can save you about 50% on energy costs and High efficiency HVAC systems can save up to 80% on energy costs. Some of our systems can be paired with solar to eliminate your electricity bills completely.

Yes, we do have easy payment options to allow customers to choose what system is best for them, their home and needs. Payments start at $26.00 per week.

Yes! It is a state law that require a HVAC permit when replacing or adding an HVAC system to any home. The contractor is responsible for acquiring the permit and HERs testing to ensure the new system is installed to title 24 guidelines.

Yes! Manufacture usually have quarterly rebates on qualifying systems. We do offer tax credits on sun source solar ready units. Utility companies do have rebate programs available on select energy star rated systems as well.

Every system installed by Cool Air Solutions includes a One-year test drive meaning that if you’re not totally in love with your new system for the first year you can return it! 100% Money back! No surprises! The price that is quoted is truly the price you pay. At no point will we ever come back and say we mis quoted your project or ask for more money to properly complete your project. Property protection! If we dirty it, well clean it. If we damage it well fix it. Total home comfort! With your new HVAC system, you will experience more balance, more comfort and lower utility costs. If you don’t experience this will we will move heaven and earth to make sure it is achieved, and any problems are corrected. Respect and craftsmanship! All employees have been background checked and drug tested

ensuring that the men in your home are the type of men that you would allow around your family and beloved personal items. No smoking is permitted on or around your property and our technicians will present themselves in a highly professional manner. Best price! We offer very competitive pricing and the cheapest cost of ownership for our HVAC systems. If another contractor has a cheaper price for an apples to apple HVAC system we will price match and beat their quote by $250.00. Lastly, we have a “No Lemon Guarantee”! If we have to come out 3 times for the same problem on any piece of equipment, we installed we will replace it with a brand-new piece of equipment for absolutely no charge. We partner with the best manufactures to make sure you’re not wasting your time or money.

Most system replacements are completed in 1-day. If system and ducting are replaced than expect 2-days and if we are starting from scratch installing a complete central HVAC system than this can take 3-4 days to complete.