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Having an energy efficient HVAC system installed in your Riverside area home means a long-term reduction in your utility bill, environmental preservation and increased comfort. Cool Air Solutions can help you achieve all three with our top four energy-saving recommendations.

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  • 25 SEER AC - SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is a worldwide measurement of energy efficiency. While the minimum SEER was raised by the Department of Energy to 13 in 2006, higher numbers up to 30 are sold. We recommend a ratio of 25, the number an average household will benefit from.
  • More Energy Efficient Air Conditioners - We offer all kinds of air conditioners with varying efficiency ratings.
  • Lennox Ultimate Comfort Systems - Lennox is the preferred brand for top HVAC companies. A combination of a smart thermostat, an efficient furnace and AC, heat pump, zoning system and solar panels provides max efficiency to your home.
  • Dual Fuel Systems - Heat pumps are great all year for cooling in hot months and heating on milder cold days. For more powerful heating, a furnace steps in only when necessary.

Why Choose Energy Efficient Systems

Many of us know that saving energy is good for the environment. But how?

Lessening your energy usage translates to less energy generated by power plants. This cuts down on greenhouse gas emission and also improves our air quality. Adding that to savings in your energy bill, the choice is clear.

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