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You drive a fuel efficient car; you keep lights off when you’re not using them; you have an energy-efficient heating and cooling system; you unplug appliances that aren’t in use and and use your appliances sparingly. But why are you still paying money for extra energy usage?

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For a fully energy-efficient home you can ask us about making green upgrades like solar, energy efficient windows and all other options for your energy and money savings.

Ways to Save on Energy

Solar: Solar power can save you an incredible amount of money, however the initial installation costs can seem daunting. You may think it will take years to recoup the cost of installing a solar system. Thankfully, California offers tax breaks for those using solar systems to offset the initial investment.

Energy Efficient Windows: Windows without multiple panes can be responsible for 25% to 30% of energy loss in homes. recommends energy efficient windows to both save on fuel as well as prevent the over usage of fuel caused by energy loss.

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