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Get Greater Energy Efficiency With Dual Fuel Heat Pumps

In Southern California, our winter weather tends to be milder, but we do have some chilly days. With a dual fuel HVAC system, the gas heat kicks in on those days to provide more extensive warmth. In the hot summer, on the other hand the dual fuel heat pump keeps you cool.

The invention of a dual fuel or hybrid system helped make the heat pump a great choice for people no matter what the weather. And Cool Air Solutions is here to deliver that convenience for you.

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Dual Fuel Heat Pump For Year-Round Comfort

A hybrid system includes a heat pump with a gas furnace in one unit. Primarily powered by electricity, they use gas as a backup fuel source when the temperature drops. When it’s warm outside, the heap pump moves hot air from inside your home to the outside in order to cool down your living space. During cold snaps, the centralized unit outside pulls heat to the inside and circulates it.

How the Right HVAC Company Improves Your System’s Efficiency

Getting the most out of your dual fuel HVAC system is more than simply selecting the right brand and model. If the installation is incorrect, you won’t be experiencing the kind of efficiency you should, and you may end up shelling out money for breakdowns.

Cool Air Solutions has complete certification to maximize your system’s efficiency, including:

  • NCI Residential System Performance
  • NCI Residential Air Balance
  • Air Flow BPI Certification

We also have NATE Certifications heat pump service and installation.

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