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Silent, Comfortable Heat for the Riverside, CA Area

Boilers are a ductless system using water instead of air to heat. Many homeowners in the Riverside, CA area have remained loyal to their boiler. Not only do newer boilers offer the same benefits as older ones, but there are new features that are sure to contribute to your complete satisfaction.

Get a trustworthy boiler with the latest improvements from Cool Air Solutions.

Can I replace my boiler?

While replacing a boiler can be a complex task, it is possible for experienced individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge of plumbing and heating systems. However, boiler installation involves working with gas, water, and electricity, posing potential safety risks if not done correctly. Local building codes and regulations must also be followed. It's generally recommended to hire a licensed professional for boiler replacement to ensure the safety, compliance, and proper functioning of the heating system.

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Some new features to pick from include:

  • Size - Some models offer up to six different sizes to perfectly match your home.
  • Multiple Fuel Options - More than one way to power the same boiler? Absolutely.
  • Energy-Saving Parts - From better insulation to automatic shutoffs, parts are specifically engineered for efficiency.

Boiler vs Furnace

Boilers offer a lot of pros not found with a furnace.

  • No Ducts - Boilers are the go-to heating system for homes without ducts.
  • Radiant Heating Options - With a few add-ons, you can achieve radiant heating with a boiler.
  • Better Indoor Air Quality - With no forced air, allergens and pollutants aren’t blown around the home.
  • More Energy Efficient - Heating water uses less energy than heating air. Because of this, you can see real savings on your energy bills if you go from a furnace to a boiler, not including the savings that you get from simply upgrading to a more modern system.

A boiler can also last up to 25 years with proper maintenance.

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Cool Air Solutions offers expert boiler installations that allows you to get the most out of your system. And we’re here for maintenance and repairs down the line. We are the choice in Riverside, CA for these services because of our:

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