AC Replacement That Provides Comfort & Efficiency

Ready for a new AC? It’s a big decision. You may be very enthusiastic about a new air conditioning unit, or you may still be on the fence about whether you can go for a repair instead. Either way, Cool Air Solutions can guide you on your journey toward better air conditioning in Southern CA.

Do I Need an AC Replacement?

Of course, you can trade your old unit out to avoid experiencing a breakdown, but some homeowners like to see how far the last system will go. If you’re trying to get the most out of your old system, here are some considerations:

  • Age – A central air conditioning unit can last up to 15 years. After that, you will have to prepare yourself for more frequent breakdowns.
  • Compressor – This is an essential part of an AC unit, and it is pricey to replace. If your compressor is doomed, you might want to just consider a replacement, kind of like the transmission in your car.
  • Freon – The refrigerant freon, which most units currently have, is becoming more and more expensive to purchase, because it is set to be illegal to sell or purchase in 2020. Newer models use more environmentally friendly refrigerants that will be more accessible.

Other Reasons to Benefit From an AC Replacement

A new systems might be beneficial for:

  • Home Expansion

  • Greater Efficiency

  • Better Cooling Options

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Cool Air Solutions is Your Reliable AC Replacement Company

When we started as a company over a decade ago, we promised to provide superior service on both the technical and customer side of things. Today, our reviews show that we’ve hit that mark, and we continue to do the best we can.


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