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Keeping Your AC Healthy in Southern California

Your AC system is meant to last more than a decade. What’s the best way to keep it running for as long as possible? Yearly maintenance. As members of our Comfort Club know, regular maintenance is the key to having fewer repair issues and to lengthening the life of your AC unit.

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Why Should I Call Cool Air For Regular Maintenance?

  • Better Performance: It’s estimated that a well-maintained system functions 20% better than a non-maintained machine. Plus, if your filters are cleaned regularly and your unit is inspected for anything else that should not be in your air flow, your home will have better air quality than a home that doesn’t maintain its AC.
  • Lower Utility Bills: When your machine is running at optimal performance, you’re not constantly fiddling with the numbers to try to get more comfortable. This means you won’t be turning up the AC when you don’t have to, leading to lower utility bills.
  • Longer Life: As we said, your unit is meant to last ten years or more. The regular maintenance you give to your unit means your unit could last past the decade mark - saving you money on replacement or repairs.
  • Warranties: If you have a warranty on your unit, it’s likely that it requires a yearly maintenance visit to remain valid. By upholding the warranty you can save yourself significant money should repair needs arise.

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Cool Air solutions offers service promotions and a Comfort Club membership that ensures you’ll receive your annual maintenance at a discounted rate. Call us at (888) 659-2665 to schedule or contact us about your air conditioning maintenance services today.

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